Volcanic Reaches is a region of Elclov that is made up of 4 islands witch is home to two different Kingdooms, The Kingdom of white and Trisvolo.
Volcanic Reaches

The Kingdom of white Edit

This country never had the ability to make anything technologically advanced, but they still have powerful magic and fighting techniques giving them a strong military force. This country believes in channeling magic thought oneself and use of magical objects is frowned upon but not illegal, mostly. For more in depth information use the links below;


Trisvolo Edit

This country over time has developed ways of getting rare and valuable minerals letting them develop lots of magical technology and machines to aid them in their daily lives along with military power.

Along with its roads Trisvolo has a train that passes thought some of the more importet places along with as part of the treaty going to Meepo. it can cost a fair bit of gold to get on because of this there are people who try to smuggle goods and people on board.


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